Sunday, February 3, 2013

Indian Coffee House : stepping into a bygone era

I am sure everyone has been to an Indian Coffee House once in their life; if you haven't, then at least you would have heard of the lovely coffee they serve there. Haven't heard a thing? Well, thank you for waking up.

Indian Coffee House is as old as free India itself, and it has branches in so many towns and cities that it is difficult not to have heard of it. The Bangalore branch of it must be at least 50 years old.

Five years ago, I had come here for breakfast with my law school batch mates. The branch was then situated at M.G.Road. Later on, I heard that it shifted to somewhere nearby M.G. Road but I didn't really put my head to figure out. So, this Saturday when my friend asked if I'd like to go for breakfast at the Coffee House, I readily agreed. I wanted to visit the place before I leave Bangalore.

It turns out, the place is now on Church Street, diagonally opposite to Queen's (for dearth of a better landmark). And of course, like it is in all Coffee Houses, the waiters are still dressed in their trademarked uniform, with their famous turban and red belts in place.

Prices of a different century

Mutton Cutlet

Coffee with scrambled eggs on toast

Since it's been a while I last visited this place, I had quite forgotten the taste of its coffee. When the brew finally made its appearance, I couldn't help but ask for one more cup!

We had mutton cutlets and their famous scrambled eggs on toast. My friend confessed that she tried all ways of making these soft, fluffy scrambled eggs and are still trying to attain such fluffy, heavenly perfection. I mused that it must be the same chef or his family preparing scrambled eggs for 50 years at this place. Yea, it's quite possible. The coffee house has waiters of a different era: the era where services was courteous, polite and with a smile.

Rendering friendly services

The look and feel of the place is also of a different era. The poster of the Coffee ad still hangs on the wall, old-world fans whir over our heads, and people talk hours on endless cups of coffee.

The reason for my charming smile 

We filled our cups with coffee and emptied our heavy minds. When, after an hour, we came outside, the world's rush suddenly hit me on my face! That's what the Coffee House does; it makes you linger, be at your own pace, no rush...It takes you in a time-warp.

 Jai Ho Indian Coffee House! May your cooks always make such great scrambled eggs and coffee and may you always be old and wise!

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  1. There mutton cutlets are superb. My absolute favorite for over 50 years now.