Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cafe Thulp!


Around the first week of February, me and my "movie-buff-friend" went to Cafe Thulp.

#Movie-buff-friend: noun: essentially denotes a friend on whom you can rely on to watch all the weird/ good/ non-sensical movies that releases in the city.

Anyway... so this movie-buff-friend's birthday was around January-end, and when he called me for his celebratory treat, I was standing on those Gokarna rocks, jutting half a km into the sea. No one around me had network signal, and out of nowhere, my phone rang...! People gave astonishing stares, as my friend on the other hand, invited me to join his party, which I sadly couldn't attend. (Anyway, Gokarna is another story and you can read that in full here.)

Since I missed his celebrations that evening, he and I decided to have a belated birthday brunch afterwards. He asked me if I had a place in mind and I eagerly mentioned 'Cafe Thulp'. I have heard people talk about this place; it's high-time I visited it.

So, with his hi-fi phone's GPS on, the 'GPS-lady' guided us to Koramangala and rightly to Cafe Thulp. I like the GPS lady, she's one lady who is almost always correct!

This place, this Cafe Thulp, turned out to be a colorful little eatery with Pokemon-type Japanese characters etched on the walls. What are these called? Emo-cartoons? Anime?

 I don't like anime so much, but they looked nice on Cafe Thulp's wall.

My face did a 180 degree rotation and the next thing it landed upon was this shelf, full of books and games. The books were a nice addition. There are not many eateries in Bangalore that provides books. I was already half-won.

The games were a nice addition too, but even before we picked up the Chinese checker board, my intuition told me that the pieces would be missing. It's a universal fact: Chinese checker pieces get lost  fast, real fast. I learnt that all throughout childhood and I was right this time too! In fact, only 10% of the pieces were inside the box.

So, we picked up a scrabble board. Now, I am terrible, real terrible at this oh-so-popular word game, and the fact that the letters were hardly legible made it even more difficult for me. I sighed with relief when after a couple of rounds, my friend concurred with the illegibility of the letters and surrendered. Phew! Such brainy games are not for me, no.

I, then, happily stared at my place-mat for a while; yea, it is fun staring when it looks like this:

The Flying Place-mats

And then I stared some more at the menu which looked like this:

Thulp, Our saviour

 I was taking in all the creativity of the menu, so it took me some time to order. The inside pages were also interesting to look at.


We ordered chicken and "moo" (as stated in the menu) starter. I liked the chicken starter (Buffalo Bill) and didn't share it much with him; and he, too, claimed that the beef starter (Bangkok Dangerous) was good.

After that came the burgers. Huge, cheesy, meaty ones! They are one of the better burgers I have had in the city; another place came to my mind while having this burger: Bistro Claytopia. Their burgers are a tad bit smaller. But both these places serve good burgers; at least, I cannot scream a winner in this.

Introducing you 'The Imposter' Burger

 I might look humongous, but I really have a small stomach (really!), that's why it took me a while to eat this burger. Chewing > swallowing > resting my stomach and starting the whole cycle again. I was determined to not leave the burger. However, that day, I had to loosen my belt and my determination. Finally, I separated the patty and the bun, ate the patty and had to leave the bun. I decided it was wiser to eat the patty and leave the bun out (Meat-lover, in other words!). I was too full to eat both.

Even thinking about the meal right now is giving me a slight tendency to burp.

Cafe Thulp is so lively and the food was good. If you ever have a mad-burger craving and you have been starving for a few days, then you should definitely give this place a visit. Probably next time, I shall starve myself and attack the burger. That would be an ideal way to finish that imposter of a burger!

(You can prepare yourself by checking the menu on their official page :

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