Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lalbagh Annual Flower Show 2013- Feast of Flowers-

Technicolored Zinnia 
Still in a trance with the feasts I had with my eyes early morning today. I went to the bi-annual Lalbagh Flower Show that happens around 26th Jan and 15th Aug every year.

This year, it was inaugurated last Friday, i.e.18th Jan and shall be on till 28th Jan. I know the crowd can get heavy during these shows; I have seen long queues and experienced the wrath of traffic jams, thanks to it; so, I thought I did a smart thing my turning up at 9:30AM (the gates open at 9AM) on just the starting days of the show. Wrong! Many people are smarter than I. But thankfully, I skipped the push-and-pull crowd. By the time I left (11AM),the crowd was thickening and it was getting quite hot in the glasshouse!

Enough of my talks..... now, let the flowers speak!

China Aster


Eiffel with Roses: The Perfect Love

Antirrhinum Snapdragon


Ooty Garden inspired arrangements

Sasural Genda Phool


The fav: Tiger Lilies!

Miniature Roses

The entire set-up

By and by, this Glass House of Lalbagh, where the flower-shows are held, was built in 1898, and is inspired by the London Crystal Palace. Accidently, yes, accidently, London's Crystal Palace caught fire, so it's Lalbagh's miniature, inspirational model that you will have to visit if you ever yearn to visit the Crystal Palace. Fact brought to notice by Mr. Vijay during my Lalbagh walk which you can read more about here

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