Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sweet as Sugar and everything nice

Alice in Sugarland

Not that I am a crazy lover of cakes, but I like to be surrounded by cakes once in a while.

My mom has this legendary story doing the family rounds of how I, aged 6, splattered myself like a spider on the glass display of a sweet-shop and refused to disengage from the glass unless I be fed with that cake with the pink icing!

You see, I have had my "cake moments"

However, now that I am a seemingly grown-up woman, I don't go around splattering myself on glass-displays anymore but the mad glee in my eyes when I see cakes still persists. Old habits, modified, but hardly dying.

So, when I went to this Annual Cake Show that happened in St. Joseph's Auditorium last month, my eyes shone with mad glee all over again. The Cake Show was part of an exhibition that had everything: from cars to roti-makers, from solar-heating systems to salad cutters. They even had those hoop games, you know, the ones when you try to hoop numbers with rings, add those numbers and get the pre-numbered gift (My dad had bought quite a few 'gifts', the best being a wall-clock, the common being several tongue-cleaners). They also had the shoot-balloons-with-rifle game; the rifle was more like an oversized pistol in the hands of my grand-sized companion.

Well, anyway, not straying too much from the cake show, I did have my moments of gape and gasps.

The gape happened when I saw this beautiful 6" height model of a cake whose hands looked perfectly human. On second thoughts, I wondered if they purchased a mannequin and dressed it with icing.


And then I saw this joker, who despite his exterior happiness looked like it had ulterior motives... Those cold eyes... Evil, I tell you! *gasps*

Anyway, the cakes were quite nicely done, but somehow not as good as I thought it'd be, especially the central theme on Religious Unity. It was neither original, nor appealing.

What was original and definitely appealing was the guts of a wicked kid who passed through the iron bars and entered the cake arena. He then ran through the four corners of religious unity and gave security a field day. Brilliant! I was half-expecting him to bump into one of the pillars of religious unity or atleast lick the sugar off. But, well... nevermind!

Central Theme on Religious Unity
King-size cushions

My village, folks :P

It was not a bad show at all; in fact, it was quite colourful and pretty. I guess my disappointment primarily lies in the fact that I could see the cakes, and not eat. The show had only ONE stall whose cupcakes didn't appeal at all.

Anyway, a first happened: first cake-show. That's not bad at all.

So, after the quick round of the other stalls, we played a round of those hoop games and lost terribly (Kudos to dad for bringing home those tongue-cleaners!).

'Course, to see and not eat is something rather saddening. So to make a perfect ending, we went to Matteo and dug into their heavenly Tiramisu. I still say "Do you know Tiramisu is made of Ladies Finger?" when I eat one. And hence, with this, I had my "cake moment".

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