Friday, April 12, 2013

Bihu and my Pitha Parcel

Lately I have been nagging to the extent that I know I'm nagging!

You see, it's that time of the year again... Bihu. New Year for us Assamese. Last year, during this time, I was in Guwahati, stuffing myself with Bihu savories and attending a close friend's wedding. Generally, being a hedonist.

This year, I planned on a similar, hedonistic trip. The plan was in my head since October 2012, and since air tickets are quite high during Bihu time, I had even thought of booking tickets in February itself. And then...

BAM! I receive an e-mail from this institute telling me that I'm required to take four exams on the VERY same Bihu weekend.

I was heart-broken.

April is the time when everybody celebrates. I mean, it was Ugadi in Karnataka yesterday, then there is Vishu in Kerala, Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra... and my office gave me a loooong leave of four days. Everyone I know seems to be going home, in a celebratory mood, going out or doing nothing which are all  good ways to celebrate holidays than studying!

And here I was (and still am), with my books! Urgh!

But at this moment, right now, I've stopped nagging. My happiness is lifted by a minuscule bit by this parcel sitting beside me. It just arrived half an hour ago and 'course I ripped it open, knowing what it contained!

Loskora/narikol laroo, coconut-filled Dighol Pitha (or cigarette pitha, like I call them), Tel-Pitha, Hurung and Kumol Bora Saaul.

My mom is the sweetest darling to send me across this Bihu parcel the moment she knew I was choking of emotion on the phone.
I gobbled up a couple of pithas as soon as I opened the parcel!
And I shall make a nice cup of Assam tea in a while and gobble some more. Then, I shall absent-mindedly walk into the kitchen whenever I'm too bogged down by studies and eat some more. And on Bihu morning (that's next Monday), I shall have a bowl of Kumor Bora Saul with cream and jaggery (just the way I like it!)

Hurung and Kumol Bora Saaul

Aah! I'm happy for the first time this entire week!

Hope no-one else is studying this Bihu...

Happy Bihu to everyone. May this year be prosperous. And may love fill your heart(h) ;)

Please pray that I write my exams well (and in case I flunk, may I flunk with dignified marks!)

Enjoy your holidays!

 I'm going back to tackling those books... 
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