Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ganesh Chaturthi: last in this city

I'm not much of a religious person; I have my personal rites and rituals and sometimes I don't even follow that. Nonetheless, it didn't pass my notice that this time would be the last time I "celebrate" Ganesh Chaturthi in Bangalore. 'Course I meant to celebrate it by sleeping till late and watching Mad Men, except that (with my wedding on the cards), my mom wanted me to visit a temple and present some boondi laddoos to Ganesh-ji.

I had half a mind to just let her advice slip by; in fact, I slept until half a day was already over. Then I watched Mad Men till 3pm. Then, I'm not sure what happened. It was drizzling and I (more than anyone else) wanted to have boondi laddoos and good food.

For Boondi Laddoos, I can rely on the nearby sweetshop but for good food and company, I knew I had to visit my friend's place. I spend most of the festivals at their house. It's like a fine balance between listening to my mother's advice to offer prayers and getting good food and company in return.

So out I was on the streets, packet of moti choor laddoos and boondi in hand, in the high hopes of getting home-made nice food. And surely I wasn't disappointed. Of course, in Ganesh Chaturthi, no household will ever be without good food. At my friend's place, we had masala vada, gajar ka halwa, coconut potlis, and sweets-which-I-didn't-quite-get-the-names. I returned home fully loaded and slept soundly as soon as I hit the bed. Yes, we are all "mini-Ganu"s once in a while. I guess in food lies the true spirit of the festival :P ...
And of course, I did pray for prosperity to all!.... especially the Indian Rupee!

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