Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Family Visits-Part II-Bangalore

When The Bunch reached Bangalore at 7AM, I took them straight to my place for breakfast. My apartment is very tiny, though cute (if I may say so!). They somehow fitted themselves wherever they could while they discussed what they should do in the remaining 3 days of their trip. My brother had already made his weekend plan- he was to meet his geeky friends. His friend's family, after brainstorming, decided that they should stay in the city itself. -_- We booked a room for them at the hotel closest to my apartment. By the time they actually got the room, it was 2PM.

In the afternoon, I and my mom went for wedding-invitation shopping to Chickpet. This was the major purpose of coming to Bangalore. There, after an hour of digging through piles of cards, my mom and I unanimously agreed on two patterns. Yay! One major burden off our wedding to-do list!

In the evening, we gathered The Bunch and went to a mall near my place. It was weekend, and noisy.

Next day, friend's family was invited for dinner at some place and so it was a perfect day for mother-daughter togetherness since brother was out with his friends.

Bonda & Filter Coffee- The B'lore feel

Mother-Daughter Bonding

Mom and I shopped knick-knacks for the wedding, I made her taste dosa and filter coffee and took her to a play at Ranga Shankara. In the evening, Uncle and Auntie went to Phoenix Market City whereas I, mom and the Manga Teens headed to UB City.

UB City scored high with them. Of course, it is known for its "phoren" ambiance. We sat there, in Cafe Noire, under white umbrellas with candles lit on every table and a colourful fountain in the background. It was a peaceful evening. Later on, I invited everyone for dinner at a Chinese restaurant near my place and we all told each other the adventures of that day.

On their last day in Bangalore, the adults separated from the Manga Teens. The adults wanted to go for Bangalore sight-seeing which the Manga Teens totally opposed. So, the adults hired a taxi and went their way whereas the Manga Teens were left with me to entertain them!
All Things Manga

I took them for breakfast at McDonald's, followed by a 3D screening of The Wolverine. After that, a bit skeptically, I took them to Lalbagh on the pretext of meeting the adults who were already there. I was quite surprised that they loved the garden. The adults took the golf-cart to see the gardens, whereas I made the Manga Teens walk through some parts of the Garden. We walked and talked... umm... actually, they talked and I listened... I do not talk tween anymore... yes, I'm old.

After the walk in the park, it was surprise time. I took them to St. Mark's road and there, infront of a colonial building, I announced "This is Hard Rock Cafe! For lunch, shall we?"

Rock n' Roll Lunch
I guess that was the precise moment I became a hero in their eyes. They gaped at everything on the walls of HRC; they walked as if they were in a museum of god; they clicked everything; they took extra pamphlets and put them in their pockets to show it to their school-mates. Lunch, my fellas, was a roaring success!!

After that, my brother's friend asked if there were any Manga available in Bangalore. Well, I was not sure... I am not into Manga, at all... but... but... there's Blossoms Book Store in Bangalore where you get a-n-y-b-o-o-k! So, we walked in and voila! Stacks of Manga in the stairway! Brother's friend got glued to the stairway and my brother immersed himself in the Computer section. I sat in the corner in the uppermost floor and tried to take a nap. They spent two hours there! I was dead tired by the time they finished ransacking the book store. I took them straight to where the adults were.. Enough of chaperoning for a day!

But my duty-time was far from over! Back in the hotel room, auntie was making a fuss because she could not shop in Bangalore!...

Yes, I fulfilled her wish of saree-shopping by taking her and my mom to Jayanagar. The women went slightly uncontrollable at that point. Their hands were full and their wallets were empty by the time uncle called us for dinner.

On the last dinner in Bangalore, I can safely vouch that each person on that table was happy and satisfied with their trip down south. Goa and Bangalore had charmed them completely. They vouched to come back soon.

Well, I am also quite pleased that I didn't do half a bad job at being a guide. Of course, I was grumpy and snappy at times but for the most part, I was competent and able to make arrangements for most of their needs.

But, man, like I said before, this was not a vacation for me at all. In fact, after they left, I was happy to go to office, sit at my desk and listen to my own calm breathing after five days!!

Thank you for coming to Bangalore. And no... no more open invitations for a few years!

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