Thursday, July 11, 2013

This can happen #1

We don't get 'LOL' moments everyday... but then, there are times when your friends crack you up with their crazy antics. One such moment happened on my way back from office.

Tired, bored, I was planning to kill everyone on the road so I could reach home faster. My phone rang and I heard the impatient voice of a friend:

Friend: "Hi, How are you? Listen, I need a help. I heard this song on the radio and I can't think of anything else after that. I don't know the song. Help me figure it out!!"

And so, she hummed... not a bit embarrassed (as true friends of mine are never to be)... I told her it sounds familiar and I shall try to find out.

I did try to find out, when I, in turn, not a bit embarrassed, hummed to my fiance, who with a serious face, said- "It's Eminem's 'I'm the real Slim Shady'".

Well, turned out it wasn't Eminem's song... My friend compared both tunes and confirmed it...

Anyway, as soon as I reached home, I forgot all about it...

At 10pm, she messaged me frantically and sent me a voice-note that I wish I could upload if not for fear of being sued. It was she doing a "pe pe pe pe pe pe" to match the tempo. In the background, I heard her relatives burst into laughs! I, too, rolled over and laughed... but this was not the end of her quest!

Apparently, so desperate was she that she asked this disturbing question on Yahoo! answers:

"Could you tell me the name of the song that goes "Pe pe pepepe, pepepe pe pe pepe"?"

Imagine the answers:
Answer 1. What exactly is a pepepe?

Answer 2. lol... I don't know what you mean by pepepe... lol

Hahahaha.... the thread was deleted immediately.

After hearing her desperate attempts, I tried checking Youtube videos. My second video and boom! Answer achieved!

This is, as my friend re-christened, 'the pe-pe-pe' song

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