Sunday, October 14, 2012

Puppet Show: Bollywood Shtyle!

I'm still reveling in the puppet show I saw yesterday at Ranga-shankara.

For me, Puppet show meant a stage with puppets with a lot of strings and crazy uncontrollable movements and the quacking of puppet mouths when they speak.

So, wrong was I!

This puppet show I went totally changed my views on the subject. It was a show by Katkatha Puppets Arts Trust and was aptly  named "The Bollywood Bandwagon" !

The show set-up itself was different from a regular puppet show. The stage had space for the puppeteers to move, and above the stage was a projection. In the centre-front, there were cameras on tripods and microphones. When the show began, it was projected like a proper Bollywood flick, with the U/A certificate, a photo of Ganesha and the name of the film appearing in English, Hindi and Urdu!

The puppeteers wore the puppets around the neck and enacted the roles. Kudos to their work! Their choreography, acting deserves praise. They moved from scene to scene seamlessly (as if we were really watching a movie on a screen than on stage!) though enacting different set-ups in precise seconds must be such a daunting task!

And kudos to the direction! Anurupa Roy deserves full praise and respect for the use of cameras in ingenious ways! We saw the crew change set-ups (tables) to make it look like camera angles have changed. I specially loved the scene wherein a front angle of a scene was first shown; and afterwards, they used the still camera in such a way that it looked like a high-angle shot.

The Crew of The Bollywood Bandwagon
Of course, any Bollywood flick is incomplete without an item number and this one had two! Oh my my! Maya (the item girl's name) stole the audiences' hearts with her matkas and jhatkas! 

Maya; she wears a pink wig (no less!) while acting
It was a superb show and my belief was not a sole one. The show received a standing ovation. Many from the audience stayed back to interact with the puppeteers.

 If the Katkatha Puppet Arts guys are in town, do not disregard them as just another puppet show for the kids. FYI, these shows are for Adults only. Who would have thought puppets are for everyone?!

On my way out, I took some more photos of Ranga-Shankara. This place has always been so positive. 

Also, the cafe here is an amazing place to be when it rains!

Find more information on Katkatha Puppet Arts Trust at their official website

Ranga-shankara's official website is

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