Monday, September 24, 2012


Lazy Sunday Morning

Me: “Let’s go to Bistro Claytopia for brunch!”
Neel: “Bistro Claptepia?”
Me: “No, Claytopia”
Neel: “Claptoptopia”… “Clayteptepia”… “Claytomania”… “Kleptomania”
Me: *hands over head*

… and after a lot of such connotations by Neel, we went to Bistro Clapto… sowwy… Claytopia…

Sunny Play-day

I had wanted to go there for more than a year, but somehow, plans never happened. The reason that kept this Bistro on my ‘Want to try’ list was their pottery-painting concept. The place has a craft-shop, where they store a variety of semi-finished clay designs that you can choose to paint while you eat. It’s a fabulous concept: You eat and you paint. And for me, Food and Paint are the perfect ingredients for happiness.
Go Shawty, it's your birthday

Such was my happiness when I went there that I was mute most of the time, either stuffing myself with food, concentrating on the pottery painting or simply awestruck with the colors around me.

Bistro Claytopia is one of THE MOST COLORFUL EATERIES I have ever visited (a second colorful place that sprang to my mind right now is Champor-Champor, Pantai Cenang).

As I stepped in, Claytopia didn’t quite sweep me off my feet, but, a while later, I was absorbed in its multitude of colors.

On a Sunday evening, the place was buzzing with people, eating voraciously, painting between sips of coffee, sound of music and laughter, a birthday girl with her troupe of kids, a potter sculpting toys for the kids, fooood… in short, Joy Galore!

The semi-open dining area had a very kitsch feel, Moroccan lamps hanging from the ceiling, small pop-art paintings, more clay stuff (an orange clay-turtle climbing a tree! ), gramo-phone; … and the craft-shop was such an endearing place. There were clay designs on every shelf; some semi-finished, waiting to be colored and others, bursting with colorful patterns. Splashes of color everywhere! There were hearts, Buddha busts, monkeys, scooters, plates, tea-pots, bowls, vases, ducks, napkin-holders, piggy-banks and what not! Treasure island!

The food was good too… We went for the burgers, the bun fresh and soft, and the patty, lip-smackingly tasty! The hazelnut cold coffee was a delight and the brownie and ice-creams left us feeling like one of the kids.

My Precious! 'Love' and 'Flower': two new fish species

Oh, by and by, I painted two fish magnets at Claytopia and I christened them ‘Love’ and ‘Flower’! Handed them over to be baked and glazed… I should be getting a call from Claytopia in ten days’ time to collect them! Can’t wait to get my hands on “my precious!”! 

Paint my Love

It's too bad they don't have a website, but I do have their other details!

Bistro Claytopia,
#318, 6th Main, HAL II Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore-560 038
T: +91 804126 7163, +91 80 4132 3394

There is too much of happiness in this one place! Once you go there, you will fill your tummy with food, eyes with color and heart with joy!

It's a mini-Wonderland

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